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Avira Software Updater is a handy software updating tool
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Keeping your applications up to date is always a good idea because the latest versions often bring important security patches, bug fixes and improvements that shouldn't be ignored. Unfortunately, keeping track of when updates become available for all your important applications as well as installing these updates is not so easy, especially when no special tools are used. The good news is that plenty of such update checking tools are on the market, and Avira Software Updater is one the most useful of them.

Avira Software Updater helps you quickly and easily update your applications. It eventually results in a safer, faster and more stable system. First, it quickly scans your system and then lists the detected outdated apps. Then, it lets you download and install the latest versions for these applications. The most important apps are constantly monitored for the release of new editions, and when this happens, the Avira product will alert you.

Since it's created by the acknowledged Avira security development company, you can rest assured that this tool is of the highest quality and reliability as well.

In conclusion, Avira Software Updater is a pretty smart choice if you're looking for a handy and reliable tool to help you keep your apps up to date.

Margie Smeer
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  • Scans your system and lists the detected outdated apps
  • Installs the latest versions
  • The most important apps are constantly monitored
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Reliable and accurate


  • The interface cannot be customized
  • Also installs additional software (the Avira Launcher)
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